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Frequently Ask Questions Do you want to be answered to some of our specific questions and concern in regards to Request a Quote? No Issuess!! Please browse through our FAQ section where you will surely find answers to all your concerns
  • What exact service can we expect from LetsGoCSS?
    LetsGoCSS helps you create a website from scratch. We convert your intended design/mockup in digital image format into a fully-functional website. In this process you can expect a complete transformation of your idea into reality. We convert the given image by hand-coding pixel-perfect HTML/CSS, XHTML and latest HTML5/CSS3 website, conforming to W3C Standards and ready to meet with success through SEO-friendly features.
  • Who can use your Conversion Services?
    Virtually everyone who aspire to create a website for any purpose. Especially, web designers and Freelance web developers and also the following people:
    • Companies in need of outsourcing for coders
    • Website programmers who want the basic work done neatly and flawlessly
    • Design Studios desirous of business expansion with fast service providers handy
    • Complex website creation projects requiring front-end developers of interface
  • Do you have direct chat facilities like GTalk, Yahoo, or Skype?
    Yes - We use instant messaging facilities like GTalk, Yahoo, or Skype for our interaction with you apart from just emails. You can rely upon us and feel comfortable for any urgent communications both ways.
  • After Conversion done, will it look like my own design or what?
    We process the digital image you send for the purpose of background design of the proposed website, with pixel-perfect hand-coding. Therefore chances are very slim for distortion or deviation in the outcome, and you get the same web design as per the image provided by you.
  • Can you take up jobs other than markups?
    Surely yes. LetsGoCSS is equipped to provide comprehensive services of web designing and configuration of themes, templates and modules in web development. Individual requirements can be accommodated after due interaction and detailed discussion between the customer and our company.
  • Can we update our site as and when needed after conversion?
    Definitely yes. We hand-code your website with sophisticated technology features, whereby it will be easier for you to edit, modify, add or delete web contents and there will be absolutely no problems for you.
  • After conversion will the website be accessible by multiple browsers?
    Exactly. We check and recheck accessibility criteria by multiple browsers once we finish our coding and markup before delivery of the fully-finished website back to you. The following web browsers for example can access the website without difficulty: I.E. Explorer 7.0; 8.0; Mozilla 1.6; 1.7.12; Firefox 1.5, 3.5.xx; Google Chrome; Safari 1.2; 1.3; 2.0; Opera 9.0; 8.5.0; 7.23; Netscape 7.2; 6.2; 6.2.3; AOL 9.0; Camino 1.0 etc.
  • How do I request for a quote?
    It is very easy. Simply browse through Order Now page to get a quote for any service of your choice. You need to fill your project requirements such as the number of pages, CMS/ Ecommerce integration or other necessary options. You can also send us quote requests via our Contact Us Form.
  • What is your standard turnaround time for project?
    At LETSGOCSS, we take 8 business hours as the standard turnaround time for coding a single page layout. For every additional (sub) page we will take 3-8 working hours entirely depending on the complexity and size of the project. Please note that extra turnaround will be required for Implementation to a CMS or e-Commerce shopping cart platform. Contact us for more details.
  • What are your business days?
    Monday - Saturday are our working business days. In case of emergency, we are ready to work on Sunday as well.
  • What about after-sales service?
    We offer 30 days free after-sale technical support to address your each and every problem.
  • How to contact you?
    You can reach to us anytime using Online Chat and communicate with our Support Team. You can also get in touch with us at +91-9717470989 or send us email at
  • What methods of payments do you accept?
    We at LETSGOCSS accept payment from different modes such as credit card, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, DISCOVER, PAYPAL etc
  • What is the most preferabe types of source files you accept?
    We accept source files in all common image formats including PSD, PNG, TIFF, JPEG or PDF files. In case, you send the files in AI / EPS format then we may require additional time to convert AI / EPS files into PSD format.
  • What Information is needed before ordering your services?
    If you click "Order Now!" there will appear an easy to fill format. The essential details of you are to be furnished here, together with a crisp message about your requirements. One of our representatives will be happy to contact you within 24 hours to extract more information from you regarding your requirements of our services and interact with you further on our business relationship.
  • What standards are met by your services for Conversion Procedure?
    • W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
    • W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
    • W3C Valid HTML 4.01
    • W3C Valid HTML5/CSS 3 specifications and procedures
  • Payments and Refunds – Do you have a Money Back Guarantee Policy?
    Yes – we do have 100% Money Back Guarantee in the following eventualities:
    • a) This Guarantee is valid only for 30 days from the date of delivery of fully finished website
    • b) In cases where we are unable to take up and complete the order in time
    • c) In case you cancel your order even before we start working on it (conditions apply).
    • d) If the files/code are not accepted by you or if you are not satisfied with our workmanship for valid reasons
  • Can you upload our Website Online?
    Yes. If you so desire. But you have to provide us with FTP details of hosting server you have chosen. For this additional service, we charge according to your website size.
  • What in case of difficulties to submit your order form?
    Well – the chances are very slim. Yet you can contact us by email to sort out the problems, if any, or send your order along with details through email attachments for further interaction.
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